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These cool Misc Common Symbols Symbol Characters can also be used in text and email messages too. Chatting on Facebook, MySpace or another Social network ? The Misc Common Symbols are sure to add some fire to your chat messages. Over 100 assorted Symbols. Heart Symbols, Recycling Symbols, Game Symbols, Skull Symbols, Cross and Religion Symbols and many more!!


Misc Common Symbols Character Symbol Codes with a huge selecion of Misc Common Symbols to pick from that can be used on Facebook and Myspace Comments and Social Profiles - Wow! Over 100 Misc Cool Looking Common Symbols - Yeah check it out below!

Misc Common Symbols to use on Facebook and MySpaceAbout Facebook Symbols | About MySpace Symbols

Copy Misc Common Symbols and use on Facebook, MySpace and other Social Networks below.

Viewing Misc Common Symbols - Over 100 Arrow Symbols!

Here is a list of Facebook / MySpace symbols with Misc Common Symbols related characters which you can easily copy n paste and use them your messages or anywhere else you like!

All Misc Common Symbols you can use on Facebook and MySpace ( Medium size )

We thought you'd never ask!

☀  Black Sun With Rays Symbol
☁  Cloud Symbol
☂  Umbrella Symbol
☃  Snow Symbol
☄  Comet Symbol
★  Black Star Symbol
☆  White Star Symbol
☇  Lightning Symbol
☈  Thunderstorm Symbol
☉  Sun Symbol
☊  Ascending Node Symbol
☋  Descending Node Symbol
☌  Conjunction Symbol
☍  Opposition Symbol
☎  Black Telephone Symbol
☏  White Telephone Symbol
☐  Ballot Box Symbol
☑  Ballot Box With Check Symbol
☒  Ballot Box With X Symbol
☓  Saltire Symbol
☔  Umbrella With Rain Drops Symbol
☕  Hot Beverage Symbol
☖  White Shogi Piece Symbol
☗  Black Shogi Piece Symbol
☘  Shamrock Symbol
☙  Reversed Rotated Floral Heart Bullet Symbol
☚  Black Left Pointing Index Symbol
☛  Black Right Pointing Index Symbol
☜  White Left Pointing Index Symbol
☝  White Up Pointing Index Symbol
☞  White Right Pointing Index Symbol
☟  White Down Pointing Index Symbol
☠  Skull And Crossbones Symbol
☡  Caution Sign Symbol
☢  Radioactive Sign Symbol
☣  Biohazard Sign Symbol
☤  Caduceus Symbol
☥  Ankh Symbol
☦  Orthodox Cross Symbol
☧  Chi Rho Symbol
☨  Cross Of Lorraine Symbol
☩  Cross Of Jerusalem Symbol
☪  Star And Crescent Symbol
☫  Farsi Symbol
☬  Adi Shakti Symbol
☭  Hammer And Sickle Symbol
☮  Peace Symbol
☯  Yin Yang Symbol
☰  Trigram For Heaven Symbol
☱  Trigram For Lake Symbol
☲  Trigram For Fire Symbol
☳  Trigram For Thunder Symbol
☴  Trigram For Wind Symbol
☵  Trigram For Water Symbol
☶  Trigram For Mountain Symbol
☷  Trigram For Earth Symbol
☸  Wheel Of Dharma Symbol
☹  White Frowning Face Symbol
☺  White Smiling Face Symbol
☻  Black Smiling Face Symbol
☼  White Sun With Rays Symbol
☽  First Quarter Moon Symbol
☾  Last Quarter Moon Symbol
☿  Mercury Symbol
♀  Female Sign Symbol
♁  Earth Symbol
♂  Male Sign Symbol
♃  Jupiter Symbol
♄  Saturn Symbol
♅  Uranus Symbol
♆  Neptune Symbol
♇  Pluto Symbol
♈  Aries Symbol
♉  Taurus Symbol
♊  Gemini Symbol
♋  Cancer Symbol
♌  Leo Symbol
♍  Virgo Symbol
♎  Libra Symbol
♏  Scorpius Symbol
♐  Sagittarius Symbol
♑  Capricorn Symbol
♒  Aquarius Symbol
♓  Pisces Symbol
♔  White Chess King Symbol
♕  White Chess Queen Symbol
♖  White Chess Rook Symbol
♗  White Chess Bishop Symbol
♘  White Chess Knight Symbol
♙  White Chess Pawn Symbol
♚  Black Chess King Symbol
♛  Black Chess Queen Symbol
♜  Black Chess Rook Symbol
♝  Black Chess Bishop Symbol
♞  Black Chess Knight Symbol
♟  Black Chess Pawn Symbol
♠  Black Spade Suit Symboll
♡  White Heart Suit Symbol
♢  White Diamond Suit Symbol
♣  Black Club Suit Symboll
♤  White Spade Suit Symbol
♥  Black Heart Suit Symboll
♦  Black Diamond Suit Symboll
♧  White Club Suit Symbol
♨  Hot Springs Symbol
♩  Quarter Note Symbol
♪  Eighth Note Symbol
♫  Beamed Eighth Notes Symbol
♬  Beamed Sixteenth Notes Symbol
♭  Music Flat Sign Symbol
♮  Music Natural Sign Symbol
♯  Music Sharp Sign Symbol
♰  West Syriac Cross Symbol
♱  East Syriac Cross Symbol
♲  Universal Recycling  Symbol
♳  Recycling Symbol
♴  Recycling Symbol
♵  Recycling Symbol
♶  Recycling Symbol
♷  Recycling Symbol
♸  Recycling Symbol
♹  Recycling Symbol
♺  Recycling Symbol
For Generic Materials Symbol
♻  Black Universal Recycling  Symbol
♼  Recycled Paper  Symbol
♽  Partially-Recycled Paper  Symbol
♾  Per Symbol
ent Paper Sign Symbol
♿  Wheelchair  Symbol
⚀  Die Face-1 Symbol
⚁  Die Face-2 Symbol
⚂  Die Face-3 Symbol
⚃  Die Face-4 Symbol
⚄  Die Face-5 Symbol
⚅  Die Face-6 Symbol
⚆  White Circle With Dot Right Symbol
⚇  White Circle With Two Dots Symbol
⚈  Black Circle With White Dot Right Symbol
⚉  Black Circle With Two White Dots Symbol
⚊  Monogram For Yang Symbol
⚋  Monogram For Yin Symbol
⚌  Digram For Greater Yang Symbol
⚍  Digram For Lesser Yin Symbol
⚎  Digram For Lesser Yang Symbol
⚏  Digram For Greater Yin Symbol
⚐  White Flag Symbol
⚑  Black Flag Symbol
⚒  Hammer And Pick Symbol
⚓  Anchor Symbol
⚔  Crossed Swords Symbol
⚕  Staff Of Aesculapius Symbol
⚖  Scales Symbol
⚗  Alembic Symbol
⚘  Flower Symbol
⚙  Gear Symbol
⚚  Staff Of Hermes Symbol
⚛  Atom Symbol
⚜  Fleur-De-Lis Symbol
⚝  Outlined White Star Symbol
⚞  Three Lines Converging Right Symbol
⚟  Three Lines Converging Left Symbol
⚠  Warning Sign Symbol
⚡  High Voltage Sign Symbol
⚢  Doubled Female Sign Symbol
⚣  Doubled Male Sign Symbol
⚤  Interlocked Female And Male Sign Symbol
⚥  Male And Female Sign Symbol
⚦  Male With Stroke Sign Symbol
⚧  Male With Stroke And Male And Female Sign Symbol
⚨  Vertical Male With Stroke Sign Symbol
⚩  Horizontal Male With Stroke Sign Symbol
⚪  Medium White Circle Symbol
⚫  Medium Black Circle Symbol
⚬  Medium Small White Circle Symbol
⚭  Marriage  Symbol
⚮  Divorce  Symbol
⚯  Unmarried Partnership  Symbol
⚰  Coffin Symbol
⚱  Funeral Urn Symbol
⚲  Neuter Symbol
⚳  Ceres Symbol
⚴  Pallas Symbol
⚵  Juno Symbol
⚶  Vesta Symbol
⚷  Chiron Symbol
⚸  Black Moon Lilith Symbol
⚹  Sextile Symbol
⚺  Semisextile Symbol
⚻  Quincunx Symbol
⚼  Sesquiquadrate Symbol
⚽  Soccer Ball Symbol
⚾  Baseball Symbol
⚿  Squared Key Symbol
⛀  White Draughts   Symbol
⛁  White Draughts King Symbol
⛂  Black Draughts   Symbol
⛃  Black Draughts King Symbol
⛄  Snow Symbol
Without Snow Symbol
⛅  Sun Behind Cloud Symbol
⛆  Rain Symbol
⛇  Black Snow  Symbol
⛈  Thunder Cloud And Rain Symbol
⛉  Turned White Shogi Piece Symbol
⛊  Turned Black Shogi Piece Symbol
⛋  White Diamond In Square Symbol
⛌  Crossing Lanes Symbol
⛍  Disabled Car Symbol
⛏  Pick Symbol
⛐  Car Sliding Symbol
⛑  Helmet With White Cross Symbol
⛒  Circled Crossing Lanes Symbol
⛓  Chains Symbol
⛔  No Entry Symbol
⛕  Alternate One-Way Left Way Traffic Symbol
⛖  Black Two-Way Left Way Traffic Symbol
⛗  White Two-Way Left Way Traffic Symbol
⛘  Black Left Lane Merge Symbol
⛙  White Left Lane Merge Symbol
⛚  Drive Slow Sign Symbol
⛛  Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle Symbol
⛜  Left Closed Entry Symbol
⛝  Squared Saltire Symbol
⛞  Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square Symbol
⛟  Black Truck Symbol
⛠  Restricted Left Entry-1 Symbol
⛡  Restricted Left Entry-2 Symbol
⛣  Heavy Circle With Stroke And Two Dots Above Symbol
⛨  Black Cross On Shield Symbol
⛩  Shinto Shrine Symbol
⛪  Church Symbol
⛫  Castle Symbol
⛬  Historic Site Symbol
⛭  Gear Without Hub Symbol
⛮  Gear With Handles Symbol
⛯  Map Symbol
For Lighthouse Symbol
⛰  Mountain Symbol
⛱  Umbrella On Ground Symbol
⛲  Fountain Symbol
⛳  Flag In Hole Symbol
⛴  Ferry Symbol
⛵  Sailboat Symbol
⛶  Square Four Corners Symbol
⛷  Skier Symbol
⛸  Ice Skate Symbol
⛹  Person With Ball Symbol
⛺  Tent Symbol
⛻  Japanese Bank  Symbol
⛼  Headstone Graveyard  Symbol
⛽  Fuel Pump Symbol
⛾  Cup On Black Square Symbol
⛿  White Flag With Horizontal Middle Black Stripe Symbol

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