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What is Facebook ?

Facebook is a Social Networking Website that started out a few years ago in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, an American entrepreneur. Within a few years, Facebook has grown to become the biggest Social Networking site online bypassing it's predecessor, the MySpace Social Networking Website.

Facebook today boasts over 400 million users worldwide, Yep that's 400 million folks! - It's hard to find someone these days that's not on Facebook. Almost everyone's friends and family are on the site.

Facebook allows users anyone 13 and over to Sign up. Once registered, users can create a profile and connect with people around them. This includes friends, family and groups. Groups are basically little places where people gather with topics of interest such as Gaming, Japanese Lessons, Paining, etc. This makes Facebook all the more fun!

The Facebook Symbols Craze

So what's this craze with Symbols ? Well Symbols or Character Codes & Emoticons as many call them go back before Facebook. People have been using cool looking Symbols on sites like MySpace, Hi5 and more!

Symbols make profiles and messages more fun and personalized. For example many people like to create cool usernames on Facebook by adding a Symbol within there name. Users also like posting comments and chatting by putting in various Symbols and Emoticons to spice up the conversations!

We believe most of this Facebook Symbols craze is geared towards to young generation. I could never imagine my Mom or Dad trying to find Facebook Symbols online lol!

Why use Symbols on Facebook ?

Simple really - To be mighty cool and unique! If your star sign is a Leo, why not add a Horoscope / Zodiac Symbol on your profile ? If you're into Chess Symbols on Facebook! If you're sending messages to friends on Facebook through the profile comments or chat, express yourself with the cool Symbols you can get here.

Using Symbols on Facebook is Cool! Everyone is doing it. This trend is hot and sure to stay for quite a while. Join the revolution and get groovy with your Facebook Profile, Comments and Chat Messages!

Where should I use these cool Symbols on Facebook ?

As explained above, the best place would be on your profile. For example check out this page which shows you how you can add a cool Symbol to your Facebook username.

You can also copy and paste Symbols straight from the site into profile comments and chat messages.

How to add a cool Symbol character on Facebook ?

The easiest method is simply copy and pasting. Browse through our site and find the Symbols you like. Use the Search feature as this will make it easier. We have tried to place Names with Symbols as much as possible so searching will be a breeze!

Once you find a Symbol you like, you'll have options for Small, Medium or Large. Just place your mouse over the Symbol and highlight it. Right click on your mouse to Copy and Paste it on your comments and messages. That's all to it.

Have fun and start using cool Symbols on Facebook today!

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