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What is MySpace ?

MySpace just like Facebook is a Social Networking Website. MySpace started out long before Facebook arrived on the scene, at a time, MySpace was the place to be! The popular site began in 2003 and instantly captured the attention of millions. The MySpace Social Networking Website grew to become to biggest Social Network online until 2008 when it's prime competitor Facebook overtook MySpace as the biggest Social Networking site.

MySpace today still boasts a large community 2nd only to Facebook. Many users actually have profiles on both sites and MySpace still has it's unique features and page layouts which are drastically different from Facebook. The biggest disadvantage MySpace has is probably Apps where Facebook excels. On Facebook, developers around the world create unique applications that people love and use. Regardless though, MySpace is still strong and has a great following.

The MySpace Symbols Craze is still alive

Using Symbols on MySpace was cool a long time ago. If you just visit any users profile on MySpace, you'll see messages below littered with all types of smilies, Ascii art, facial expressions, hand signs and more! MySpace users used Symbols, Character Codes & Emoticons on Profiles, Messages and Comments since the beginning and it's still hot today!

Symbols make MySpace profiles and messages fun, exciting and personalized. The MySpace Symbols craze is still on!

Why use Symbols on MySpace ?

To be unique and cool! - in Japanese, they say cool is Kakkoii! Spruce up your MySpace profiles with awesome Symbols. Post messages to friends by commenting on their profiles with cool Symbols. Create character codes using the assorted symbols. It's called Ascii art. Putting MySpace Symbols allows you to be creative and unique and if you post some cool looking rare symbols unlike the common Smileys, it will be admired by many. If you're already on MySpace, that's great! If you ain't, join the MySpace site and get freakishly funky with your MySpace Profile, Comments and Chat Messages using cool Symbols!

Where should I use these awesome Symbols on MySpace ?

MySpace username is a cool idea. Also when you're posting comments on profiles of your friends and family, you can post some neat symbols. If you have a girlfriend on MySpace, why not post a Love Symbol ? Here you go! Love Symbol under Dingbats.

You can also copy and paste Symbols straight from the site into your MySpace profile comments and chat messages.

How to add neat Symbols codes on MySpace ?

It's Easy as slicing cheese!. Browse through our site and find the Symbols you'd like to use. Even better, use the Search feature since this can make it easier and quicker for you!. The Symbols are arranged by Title so searching will be a breeze! For example type Skull, Cross or Recycle and you'll get pages with those Symbols

Once you find a Symbol you like, you'll have options for Small, Medium or Large. Just place your mouse over the Symbol and highlight it. Right click on your mouse to Copy and Paste it on your MySpace comments and messages. That's all to it.

Ok now, have some fun and get started using these neat Symbols on MySpace today!

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